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SASHA Brief 01: Breeding in Africa for Africa

In 2017/2018, experimental results at CIP-Headquarters showed genetic gains for root yield of between 70% and 118% over the baseline breeding populations selected for wide adaptation, earliness, high iron content, and non-sweetness. In Uganda, based on the performance of 1,600 crosses for three seasons (2016-2017), 48 cross combinations were identified …

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SASHA Brief 16: Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Puree Development & Utilization Continues to Grow

Consumers find that OFSP bread made with shelf-stable puree is just as good as bread made with fresh puree. Shelf-storable puree (Fig. 1), even for limited periods of time, is expected to attract many more small- and medium-size bakeries and home cooks into using OFSP puree.

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SASHA Brief 15: Solar-Powered Sweetpotato Fresh Root Storage: The Challenge Continues

The trial reported here builds on our previous trial which showed how solar-powered fresh orange-fleshed sweetpotato root storage could be used by a processor to smooth supply. After 4 months storage at 20-23°C, over 70% of the root weight of all treatments (and >88% for variety Vita) was able to …

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SASHA Brief 14: Financial Feasibility of Sweetpotato Vine Multiplication in Uganda and Tanzania and Implications for Going-to-Scale

The development of an economically feasible and sustainable vine multiplication models and vine distribution channels is critical for obtaining high sweetpotato yields. A study was done in Uganda and Tanzania in early 2018 to identify, one, which of the vine multiplication models in use is the most financially viable; and …

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SASHA Brief 13: Borlaug Fellowships Benefit Up and Coming SASHA Sweetpotato Researchers

During the past two years, three early career researchers from International Potato Center (CIP) affiliated with the Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA) project have benefited from the CGIAR Borlaug Fellowship Program. The three, Kwame Ogero, Mihiretu Cherinet and Daniel Mbogo share their experiences in this brief.

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SASHA Brief 12: Strategies for Strengthening the Institutionalization of the Early Generation Seed (EGS) Business by Public Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Using a peer-to-peer assessment method, senior researchers have engaged since 2016 in developing strategies for strengthening the institutionalization of the Early Generation Seed (EGS) Business in four partner public institutions. The business plans were started in 2016. But this study, and the development of strategies started in 2017. With CIP’s …

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SASHA Brief 11: The “Missing Middle”- Linking Decentralized Vine Multipliers to Early Generation Seed Producers in Uganda

In Uganda, CIP is testing seed business enterprise models for medium-scale multiplication to provide the link between upstream sources of clean planting materials (pre-basic seed) and new varieties and down-stream community-based vine multipliers (DVMs). After undertaking business skills training, 9 (8 male, 1 female) medium scale seed and root enterprises …

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