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2019 SASHA Brief 13. Early generation seed production for roots, tubers and bananas is financially viable for private sector seed companies in East Africa.

CIP conducted a financial feasibility study for a private seed company engaged in early generation seed (EGS) production for root, tuber and banana crops. The study showed that the business is financially viable in the long-run based on the existing business for production and sale of banana, cassava, sweetpotato and …
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2019 SASHA Brief 11. Bridging the gap between pre-basic seed producers and decentralized multipliers for a sustainable sweetpotato seed system in Tanzania.

A study was conducted to understand the economic sustainability of basic seed enterprises to bridge the gap between pre-basic seed producers and decentralized vine multipliers. Four commercial seed multipliers were supported on a 2:3 (multiplier: CIP) cost-share basis. They were trained in entrepreneurial skills, marketing, business planning, and quality seed …
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2019 SASHA Brief 08. Pre-basic sweetpotato vine multiplication using a sandponics system.

A nutrient media for multiplying pre-basic sweetpotato vines under a sandponics system was optimized. The vine multiplication rate for pre-basic seed multiplication increased by 22% using sandponics. The cost of producing a 3-node cutting has been reduced by $0.027. Root yields were 7.1 t/ha higher using sandponics sourced planting material …
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