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2019 SASHA Brief 16. Sweetpotato seed systems community of practice – what are we learning? What are we practicing?

Nine consultations were held from April 2015 to May 2019, with participation from diverse actors in the seed system i.e. researchers from CIP and NARIs, NGOs implementing sweetpotato projects, regulators, seed producers and farmers. Participants say that the community of practice (CoP) is the best way to experience sharing, learn …

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Adapting sweetpotato production to changing climate in Mozambique

Vines are the major source of planting material in sweetpotato. Extended dry spells hinder conservation of vines and in turn affect the availability of planting material at the onset of rains in southern Africa. In some cases, improved sweetpotato germplasm has been lost by smallholder farmers in Mozambique due to …

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The 13th International Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops- Africa Branch (ISTRC-AB)

The International Society For Tropical Root Crops-Africa Branch(ISTRC-AB) was created in 1978 to stimulate research,production and utilization of root and tuber crops along various value chain in Africa.The activities include encouragement of training and extension, organization of workshop and symposium,exchange of genetic materials, and facilitation of contact between stakeholders working with root and tuber crops.The Society’s headquarters are at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture(IITA) in Ibadan,Nigeria,but it’s Executive Council comprises eminent root and tuber researchers from national,regional and international bodies across Africa. The 13th International Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops will take place at White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania between 5th and 10th March 2017. The theme of the symposium is “Expanding Collaboration, Catalyzing Innovation of Root Crops for Accelerating Africa’s Economic Growth”. It has five sub-themes: 1. Managing priority genetic resources, cropping systems pests and diseases 2. Commercial Seed System, Agronomy and weed management 3. Postharvest technologies, nutrition, value chains and market opportunities 4. Enhancing innovative impact through partnerships 5. Mobilizing Investors for Sustainable Root & Tuber Crop Research and Development.

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International Phytosanitary Conference

The 2016 International Phytosanitary Conference was held at the KEPHIS headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya between 12 and 16 September 2016. The week long international conference attracted over 100 delegates from 40 countries who deliberated on pertinent issues touching on the health of plants, plant products and regulated articles. International Potato Center (CIP) …

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Poster: Growth and yield responses of orange-fleshed sweetpotato varieties to propagules sources in rainforest and savannah zones of Nigeria

In Nigeria, many farmers use planting material from previous seasons. As it is a vegetatively propagated crop, sweetpotato vine cuttings are prone to disease and pest buildup which is transferred from one generation to the next resulting in low yield (6-7ton/ha) in farmers field. This poster depicts a field trial …

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Poster: Sustainable uptake of insect proof net tunnels among farmer multipliers: What do we need to consider?

Sweetpotato production in Tanzania is hampered by high virus incidences. These viruses exercise synergistic interactions leading to up to 98% yield losses. Further, this makes their control difficult. It is therefore important to equip farmers with simple and affordable technologies which they can use to manage the spread of SPVD …

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