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Determining the Pan-African sweetpotato virome: understanding virus diversity, distribution and evolution and their impacts on sweetpotato production in Africa

virus genome

Food security remains a huge challenge for the millions of Africans dependent on agriculture for their subsistence. A low-level agricultural productivity and a high percentage of poor and undernourished people are common in Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. (Family Convolvulaceae), is among the most …

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Presentation: Achievements and Lessons Learned from PHASE I of Rooting out Hunger in Malawi

This is final project report presentation. It outlines the achievement and lessons from phase one. Briefly, rooting out hunger from Malawi project linked three pillars, agriculture, nutrition and marketing. These pillars were initially developed and tested in Mozambique. Among its major achievements were, distribution of clean improved Orange fleshed sweetpotato …

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Presentation: Developing and Disseminating Biofortified Crops Project Update on Scaling Up in Uganda

This presentation combines four aspects aimed at scaling up sweetpotato in Uganda. In the first case; nutrition led agriculture is demonstrated which highlights support through provision of clean materials, linking traders to marketing, promotions and breaking bottle necks. The second case promotes the Triple ‘‘S’’ method. This technology has potential …

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Distinct cavemoviruses interact synergistically with sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus (genus Crinivirus) in cultivated sweet potato


Two serologically unrelated sweetpotato viruses causing symptoms of vein clearing in the indicator plant Ipomoea setosa were isolated and their genomes have been sequenced. They are associated with symptomless infections in sweet potato but distinct vein-clearing symptoms and higher virus titres were observed when these viruses co-infected with sweetpotato chlorotic …

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Marando Bora (quality vines) is a sweetpotato seed system project based in the Lake region of Tanzania. The project’s purpose is to address the main problems associated with sweetpotato vine availability and distribution by developing a sustainable seed system for sweetpotato. It uses voucher and mass distribution strategies to address …

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Sweetpotato Seed Systems: A Farmer Trainers’ Guide

Farmer Trainers’ Guide

Botanically sweetpotato or Spanish potato is called Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam, belongs to the morning glory family (Convolvulaceae) and originated from Latin America. Sweetpotato ranks as the world’s seventh most important food crop, after wheat, rice, maize, potato, barley and cassava. More than 133 million tonnes are produced globally per …

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