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Commitment to Mainstreaming Beta-Carotene (pro-Vitamin A) into National Program Breeding Efforts

At the recent 15th Annual Sweetpotato SpeedBreeders  Meeting, held in Nairobi 6-10 June 2016, discussions were held concerning which of the released varieties to date were being adopted most widely and why.  Breeders are selecting 100 “Best Bet” Sweetpotato varieties for sub-Saharan Africa that will be prioritized for maintaining core …

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Integrating genomics and molecular markers into sweetpotato breeding

Thirty Sweetpotato SpeedBreeders attended a workshop on the use of genomic and molecular tools in Nairobi’s ILRI campus. The workshop took place from 6th to 7th June, as a prelude to the 15th Sweetpotato Breeders and Genomics annual meeting.   The workshop was organized by the GT4SP project under the …

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Report of the 14th Sweetpotato Breeders’ Meeting held at Colline Hotel, Mukono-Uganda

The annual Sweetpotato Breeders’ Meeting was held at Colline Hotel, Mukono, Uganda, from June 2-5, 2015. This was the 14th meeting since 2003 and the seventh since the start of the Sweetpotato Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI) in 2009. The meeting was opened by the Director General of National Agricultural …
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Development of High Yielding Multiple Resistant Sweetpotato Germplasm

Multiple Resistant Sweetpotato Germplasm

This colorful presentation by Gorrettie Ssemakula and Benard Yada is on Development of High Yielding Multiple Resistant Sweetpotato Germplasm. The objectives of this presentation was to address the following; Meeting food needs –food security, Reduction of child malnutrition – improved health, Improving smallholder incomes – poverty reduction. 
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