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SASHA Brief 08: Triple S PLUS is Ready for Scaling: Learning, Research, Impact …Together

In 2017 the CGIAR Research Programme on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Scaling Fund awarded funds to three innovations to foster their scaling. Triple S PLUS technology (Storage in Sand and Sprouting) in northern Ghana and southern Ethiopia was one the recipients of this award. The project works in collaboration …

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SASHA Brief 05: TRIPLE S Storage in Sand and Sprouting – testing a scaling strategy in Western Kenya

The validation of the Triple S is nearing completion in western Kenya. Trials show that medium–sized roots stored in coarse sand for seven months produce viable planting material. There is a higher establishment rate and vigor in plots planted with vines sourced from Triple S beds compared to farmer selected …

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From lab to life: Making storable orange-fleshed sweetpotato purée a commercial reality

Research in Rwanda demonstrated that orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) purée (steamed, mashed roots) was an economically viable, vitamin A enhancing ingredient in baked products when the purée was produced and used in the same bakery. Having a storable, packaged OFSP purée produced by a firm to supply bakers is an alternative …

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Presentation 2: Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato storage, processing and local recipes for improved nutrition in Burkina Faso

Eastern Burkina Faso has high levels of malnutrition: wasting and stunting prevalence are 11.1% and 35.5%, respectively, among children under 5 (SMART 2015). The AGRANDIS project, implemented by Helen Keller International, has promoted improved agricultural and nutrition practices in this region since 2014, with the goal of improving nutritional status …

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SASHA Brief 2016: Shelf-storable OFSP purée for bakery applications in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

Experience across many sub-Saharan (SSA) countries has shown that compared to using OFSP flour, it makes economic sense to use orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) purée (steamed and mashed) as a partial substitute for wheat flour in bakery products like bread, buns, muffins and cookies. In bread making, OFSP purée can replace …

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Presentation 5: Optimization of frying conditions and effect of storage on quality attributes of sweetpotato crisps from different varieties

Fried crisps and street-vended chunky fried chips from sweetpotato have been found to be among the products that are capable of increasing utilization of sweetpotato in Nigeria, and also has high commercial potential. Sweetpotato crisps could be marketed as highly nutritious snack foods, particularly the orange-fleshed varieties. However, differences in …

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