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Complementary food blends and malnutrition among infants in Ghana: A review and a proposed solution

Widespread malnutrition among Ghanaian infants could be attributed to unfortified plant-based complementary foods commonly used at the household level. This review summarizes the publications on the development of complementary food blends and intervention trials aimed at improving the nutritional status of Ghanaian infants. The complementary food blends are cereal-based which …

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Genetic approaches towards marker-assisted and genomic selection, and the challenges in sweet potato

This is a presentation by Dorcus Gemenet on Genetic approaches towards marker- assisted and genomic selection, and the challenges in sweet potato, during the sweet potato breeders’ meeting in 2015. In this presentation Dorcus C. Gemenet is advocating for new changes in Genetic approaches towards marker-assisted and genomic selection and how they …

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Towards the development of sweet potato-based couscous as human food in Benin

Sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) is a root crop cultivated and consumed in Benin, and thus contributes to food security of poor families particularly during lean days, although the crop is barely considered in the national agricultural development policies. Sweet potato processing and consumption patterns are very limited in Benin; that …

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Development of cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS)-based markers for identification of sweetpotato cultivars

To develop a simple and reliable method to identify sweetpotato cultivars, we designed cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS)-based markers and used them to perform genotyping of Japanese sweetpotato cultivars. In order to screen the CAPS-based markers, 13 primer pairs were designed from the exon sequences of 11 sweetpotato genes to …

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Pres 5: Sweetpotato Speedbreeding IS

  This presentation explains on speed breeder work flow. Briefly, it emphasizes that Information systems (IS) can ensure efficient capture, management and utilization of sweet potato breeding data, information and knowledge.

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Training Manual on Marketing and Product Development for Extension Workers

Marketing is not about selling only, it involves various issues. If someone is going to market his product, planning begins before production. It involves determining what the customer wants and developing that product as well as delivering it to a place where the customer will reach or see in order …

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The Vitamin A Sweet Potato Project is a research project that will mainly be involved in the dissemination of the vitamin A- rich orange fleshed sweet potato to farm households through extension systems of NGOs. Activities will mainly involve engaging farmers in the production of the potatoes and working with …

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Sweet potato is globally the second most economically important root crop after potato and is an important food security crop in many of the poorest regions of the world including sub-Saharan Africa. Root crops are unusually important relative to cereals in Africa In East Africa, sweet potato is grown predominantly …

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