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Genetic approaches towards marker-assisted and genomic selection, and the challenges in sweet potato

This is a presentation by Dorcus Gemenet on Genetic approaches towards marker- assisted and genomic selection, and the challenges in sweet potato, during the sweet potato breeders’ meeting in 2015. In this presentation Dorcus C. Gemenet is advocating for new changes in Genetic approaches towards marker-assisted and genomic selection and how they …

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Breeding for cold tolerant dual purpose sweetpotato

Sweet potato is the 3rd most important root crop in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a source of food, feed, and income. OFSP is a remedy for β-carotene and it is grown in varied Agro EZ ranging from 0-2200masl. It is useful to livestock feeding systems.

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Best practices for clonal identity verification and health testing

This presentation by Jan Kreuze and Bramwell Wanjala sought to identify why clonal identification is important, how to measure genetic diversity, the challenges and expectations in clone identification and how to overcome bottle-necks. The presentation also highlights the current virus testing methods and their advantages and disadvantages. This presentation is on: Clonal identity Morphological/Phenotypic Biochemical …

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This presentation is a composite progress report for West Africa. The countries covered include Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nigeria. Important constraints across these countries include: Susceptibility to Cylas sp., Alcidodes sp and SPVD Drought and shortening rainny season ( irregular rainfall pattern) Low yields, root dry matter content, low beta-carotene levels in …

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