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SASHA Brief 03: Revolutionizing Sweetpotato Breeding Through Heterosis Exploiting Breeding Schemes – How Far are we?

Exploitation of hybrid vigor is one of the hallmarks of modern plant and animal breeding, but until recently had not been seriously considered by root and tuber breeders. In sweetpotato breeding, we have made exciting progress developing and implementing heterosis exploiting breeding schemes (HEBS) and are now applying this approach …

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Sweetpotato Breeding at the Southern Africa Sweetpotato Support Platform (SSP)

 This presentation talks about Breeding and Germplasm Management in Southern Africa. Breeding: Generate drought resistance, OFSP that combine different quality characteristics with significant Improvements in yielding ability. Germplasm Management: Maintain good Quality material, Establish community based seed systems for good quality seed dissemination and develop & test strategies for the multiplication and …

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Breeding for cold tolerant dual purpose sweetpotato

Sweet potato is the 3rd most important root crop in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a source of food, feed, and income. OFSP is a remedy for β-carotene and it is grown in varied Agro EZ ranging from 0-2200masl. It is useful to livestock feeding systems.

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This presentation is a composite progress report for West Africa. The countries covered include Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nigeria. Important constraints across these countries include: Susceptibility to Cylas sp., Alcidodes sp and SPVD Drought and shortening rainny season ( irregular rainfall pattern) Low yields, root dry matter content, low beta-carotene levels in …

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Presentation: Key Advances in Breeding Methodologies during Phase 1

This presentation outlines important advances in breeding methodologies to achieve ‘‘the better variety’’ that is variety with overall good traits. A major challenge in sweetpotato breeding is to achieve high heterozygosity for desired traits. Selection of parents for new population by considering Poly-cross Vs controlled crosses breeding are time consuming. …

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CloneSelector: A new tool for Accelerated Analysis of Sweetpotato Breeding Trials

CloneSelector is an Excel based tool developed to help plant breeders, working with clonally propagated crops, carry out field trials, analyze the results and make accurate selection decisions. In version 3.x you can elaborate a list of germplasm to test, select an appropriate statistical design and the corresponding fieldbook , …

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