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SASHA Brief 2011: Breeding in Africa for Africa

National sweetpotato breeding programs are time consuming and delay to produce new variety. Frequently those new varieties do not suit the various geographic areas and the preferences of diverse farmers and consumers within a country. Most countries have no real breeding program and rely on testing materials developed elsewhere, which …

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Sweetpotato Breeding at the Southern Africa Sweetpotato Support Platform (SSP)

 This presentation talks about Breeding and Germplasm Management in Southern Africa. Breeding: Generate drought resistance, OFSP that combine different quality characteristics with significant Improvements in yielding ability. Germplasm Management: Maintain good Quality material, Establish community based seed systems for good quality seed dissemination and develop & test strategies for the multiplication and …

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Presentation: Highlights from Year 4: Vision of SPHI & Management and Support Platforms under Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA)

This is an overall overview presentation for sweetpotato action for security and support platform (SASHA) project. In brief, it includes the vision of sweetpotato for profits and health initiative (SPHI) and management and support platforms, projects planning and major programs progress, the knowledge portal, and conclude with the regional advocacy …

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