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Gender and Vines: Production, Management and Exchange of Sweetpotato Planting Material Among Smallholders in the Lake Victoria Region, Tanzania

Sweetpotato is the fourth most important crop and the second most important food crop in the Tanzania Lake Victoria region and plays a critical role as a food security crop, e.g. when cereal crops fail. Sweet potato is primarily grown and managed by women and is considered a woman’s crop. …

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Sweetpotato vine management for confined food production in a space life-support system

Sweetpotato (Ipomea batatas L.) ‘Whatley–Loretan’ was developed for space life support by researchers at Tuskegee University for its highly productive, nutritious storage roots. This promising candidate space life-support crop has a sprawling habit and aggressive growth rate in favorable environments that demands substantial growing area. Shoot pruning is not a viable …

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Sweetpotato Seed Systems in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda

Surveys were made of the seed systems used in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda and to investigate the reasons underlying them. Along the equator in Uganda, where rainy seasons are evenly spaced and occur twice a year, vine cuttings from mature plants only are used as planting material. Where there is …

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