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SASHA Brief 2015: Weevil resistance through biotechnology

This flyer summarizes the objectives, achievements and plans of CIP’s work to address the problem of weevils through development of weevil resistant sweetpotato varieties through breeding and biotechnology. It outlines the Bt-RNAi combined gene technology being applied, and the progress made between 2014 and 2015 towards achieving the project objectives.

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Presentation: Engineering Weevil Resistance in Sweetpotato to Benefit Farmers in Africa

This presentation is described by the attached abstract Marc Ghislain1a, Lydia Wamalwa1a, Sandra Manrique1b, Jan Kreuze1b, Runyararo Rukarwa1c Robert Mwanga1c, Maria Soto-Aguilar2, Katterinne Prentice3, Olivier Christiaens3, Ine Pertry3, Godelieve Gheysen3, Guy Smagghe3   1 International Potato center, a Nairobi Kenya, b Lima Peru. C Namulonge Uganda 2 Donald Danforth Plant …

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Pest Status of Acraea acerata Hew. and Cylas spp. in Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) and Incidence of Natural Enemies in the Lake Albert Crescent Agro-ecological Zone of Uganda

This study presents the results of farmers’ field surveys of the sweetpotato butterfly, Acraea acerata Hew., and the two African sweetpotato weevils, Cylas puncticollis Boheman and C. brunneus F. infestation and damage. The objectives of this study were to determine (i) occurrence and distribution of A. acerata and Cylas spp. as well as infestation …

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Identification of relevant non-target organisms exposed to sweetpotato weevil-resistant Bt sweetpotato in Uganda

Assessment of the impact of transgenic crops on non-target organisms (NTO) is a prerequisite to their release into the target environment for commercial use. Transgenic sweetpotato varieties expressing Cry proteins (Bt sweetpotato) are under development to provide effective protection against sweetpotato weevils (Coleoptera) which cause severe economic losses in sub-Saharan …

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Weevil Resistant Sweetpotato through Biotechnology

African sweetpotato weevils (SPW), Cylas puncticollis and C. brunneus, are a major threat to sweetpotato, which plays a vital role in food security and income generation for both the urban and rural poor in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). SPW can devastate sweetpotato production, including total crop loss. A socio-economic study undertaken …

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Release of Two Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Cultivars, ‘SPK004’ (‘Kakamega’) and ‘Ejumula’, in Uganda

Two orange-fleshed landrace sweetpotato cultivars: ‘SPK004’ (‘Kakamega’) and ‘Ejumula’ were approved for release by the Ugandan Plant Variety Release Committee in Apr. 2004. This is the third lot of sweetpotato cultivars to be officially released by the sweetpotato program in Uganda, the first two being released in 1995 and 1999. ‘Ejumula’ …

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Cultivar and Plant Organ Type Differences in Influencing Somatic Embryogenesis in Ugandan Sweetpotato

Resistance to weevils, Cylas puncticollis and C. brunneus, is very low in the available sweetpotato germplasm. Two cry genes are now accessible in Uganda for the improvement of resistance to weevils in sweetpotato through genetic transformation. The objective of the reported research is to develop an in vitro method of …

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