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2019 SASHA Brief 14. What motivates vine multipliers to continue once project support has ended? A case study from the Lake Zone, Tanzania.

In the Lake Zone, Tanzania, between 2009-2012, 88 decentralized vine multipliers (DVMs) were established by the Marando Bora project. Five years later, the follow up study traced 81 of the DVMs. 40% of the DVMs had sold planting material of Marando Bora varieties in the last year; a further 16% …

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SPHI Brief 30: Viable Sweetpotato Technologies in Africa (VISTA) Tanzania Project

In it’s final year (2017), VISTA Tanzania conducted an endline survey to assess the impact of its interventions. Evidence from this impact assessment indicated that VISTA–Tanzania generally resulted in increased production and consumption of nutritious OFSP; significantly increased caregiver knowledge on vitamin A, nutrition, health-seeking, and childcare; and significantly improved …

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SASHA Brief 14: Financial Feasibility of Sweetpotato Vine Multiplication in Uganda and Tanzania and Implications for Going-to-Scale

The development of an economically feasible and sustainable vine multiplication models and vine distribution channels is critical for obtaining high sweetpotato yields. A study was done in Uganda and Tanzania in early 2018 to identify, one, which of the vine multiplication models in use is the most financially viable; and …

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A Study of Household Food security and Adoption of Biofortified Crop Varieties in Tanzania: The Case of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato

Food insecurity has become a key issue in the field of development in recent years with major inadequate intake of vitamin A-rich foods. Specifically, vitamin A deficiency (VAD) remains a major health problem among poor developing-country households, especially in Africa. Efforts to combat VAD currently focuses on food-based approach that …

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