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Effect of Technology Awareness and Access on the Conservation of Clean Planting Materials of Vegetatively Produced Crops: The Case of Sweetpotato

Efforts to combat vitamin A deficiency in children and pregnant mothers have focused on promotion of nutritionally enhanced food security crops. Such efforts have recently targeted the production and consumption of these crops. The orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) is one of the most known nutritionally enhanced crops. However, access to quality …

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Consumer Perceptions and Demand for Biofortified Sweetpotato-based Biscuit: The Case of Akarabo Golden Power Biscuit in Rwanda

Efforts to combat vitamin A deficiency in developing countries have focused on the promotion of growing and consuming orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP), among other crops. Past studies have found increased intake and even incomes among households that have been reached with information about nutritional benefits of OFSP. Consequently, efforts to scale …

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Poster: Can farmer multipliers meet QDS standards in the production of sweetpotato planting material?

Sweetpotato production in Tanzania is below the country’s potential due to limited availability of clean planting material during the planting season, usually at the onset of rains. Farmers mostly depend on materials conserved from the previous season whose quality is often unknown. This contributes to spread of Sweet potato virus …

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Poster: Sustainable uptake of insect proof net tunnels among farmer multipliers: What do we need to consider?

Sweetpotato production in Tanzania is hampered by high virus incidences. These viruses exercise synergistic interactions leading to up to 98% yield losses. Further, this makes their control difficult. It is therefore important to equip farmers with simple and affordable technologies which they can use to manage the spread of SPVD …

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Traders’ Perceptions and Acceptability on Use of Linings for Improving Tomato Packaging in Wooden Crates

In Tanzania, tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L) postharvest losses are high due to perishability, lack of awareness and knowledge of postharvest handling techniques, and use of poor packaging materials. Reduction of the current high postharvest losses of tomato can contribute to ensuring food security and improving livelihoods of smallholder producers. Wooden crates …

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Youth and gender inclusion theme takes center stage at the Marketing, Processing and Utilization Community of Practice annual meeting

The Marketing, Processing and Utilization Community of Practice held its annual meeting from 14th to 16th March  2016 at the Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort, Dar es Salaam. The theme of the meeting was, Rebranding OFSP for Health and Wealth.   Thirty-six  participants from the private sector, research institutions, universities …

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SPHI Brief 2015: Viable Sweetpotato Technologies in Africa (VISTA) Tanzania project

This flyer provides highlights of the activities and strategies employed by the VISTA project in Tanzania, since it began in October 2014 until July 2015.  The overall goal of this 3 year project, is to contribute to improved dietary diversity, food security and incomes in Tanzania, especially among households with …

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Presentation 23: Nutrition and Health: Strategies for eliminating Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) in Tanzania

This presentation’s main focus is on Tanzania’s Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) and strategies for successful elimination. The promotion of the production and consumption of β-carotene-rich food is a sustainable approach to combat vitamin A deficiency. In this presentation it is portrayed as the strategy which will complement other vitamin A …

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