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Trader and consumer criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties

This section gives descriptions of methods by which the Tanzania breeding programme obtained necessary information to decide main selection criteria for new cultivars and also reports on main study findings. As a conclusion, limited information exists in Tanzania on the preferences of consumers and traders. However, the methods described here …

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Maximising incomes from sweet potato production as a contribution to rural livelihoods

    This publication contains final project report on crop postharvest procedures in Tanzania. Crop perishability and problems with in-ground storage, fronts crops as seasonal and with consequent peaks and troughs in prices. Therefore appropriate form of on-farm fresh-root storage can enable farmers to market their produce at times outside …

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Sweetpotato in Tanzanian Farming and Food Systems: Implications for Research

This report synthesizes information gathered from nearly 900 farmers in surveys carried out between 1991 and 1993 in selected areas of Tanzania. The information obtained is intended to improve the relevance of research planning and priority setting for the increased production and marketing of sweetpotato. Sample areas were chosen to …

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Farmer criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties

In Tanzania, despite its importance in food systems there has been little expansion in the aggregate acreage of sweetpotato over several years. The poor uptake of some new varieties in the past has underlined the importance of incorporating the preferences of growers and consumers into the breeding process. This chapter …

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