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Report: Capacity Development for Geita Farmers on Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Processing and Handling

This report highlights the Training of Trainers meeting conducted in Nungwe Village. The topics covered include what is orange fleshed sweetpotato and its benefits in human health. Sweetpotato handling, processing which include good packaging, preparatio of OFSP products in different products e.g. michembe, doughnuts, cake, chinchin, buns, biscuits, juice, jam, …

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Sweetpotato Breeders’ Course on Modern Breeding Techniques for Improvement of Sweetpotato and Annual Meeting Held at Ghent University Belgium, October 19 – 30, 2012

he 2012 annual Breeders’ meeting was the 10th in a row since 2003 and 4th in a row after inception of SASHA in 2009. This year, the meeting was joined with a refresher course for breeders on plant breeding techniques with emphasis on biotechnology breeding tools, a need that was …

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