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SASHA Brief 08: Triple S PLUS is Ready for Scaling: Learning, Research, Impact …Together

In 2017 the CGIAR Research Programme on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Scaling Fund awarded funds to three innovations to foster their scaling. Triple S PLUS technology (Storage in Sand and Sprouting) in northern Ghana and southern Ethiopia was one the recipients of this award. The project works in collaboration …
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Triple S Videos

Video 1: General video explaining Triple S for decision makers  Farmers often obtain sweetpotato planting material from roots which have been overlooked during harvest and sprout when it rains. However, the roots sprout only when it rains and planting material only becomes available some weeks afterward. The roots may sprout in distant …

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SASHA Brief 06: TRIPLE S- why participatory testing and local adaptation is critical – learning from Ethiopia

The Triple S (Storage in Sand and Sprouting) method of sweetpotato planting material conservation has been validated in unimodal and bimodal rainfall areas in Ethiopia. In addition to ensuring a supply of planting material at the start of the rains, Triple S significantly reduces incidence of sweetpotato weevil compared to …
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Mihiretu Cherinet completes Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program

Tell us something about yourself I hold a BSc in Dry Land Crop and Horticultural Science from Mekkele University, Ethiopia and a MSc. in Horticulture from Pretoria University, Pretoria, South Africa. After my MSc, I participated in an internship in modern greenhouse crop production at Green Circle Grower in U.S.A, …

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