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The Use of OFSP to Combat Vitamin A Deficiency in Uganda

The HarvestPlus Initiative undertook a number of studies to document the situation of sweetpotato in Uganda with a focus on OFSP. These studies examined producer and consumer preferences, extension strategies and post harvest utilization. Surveys were conducted and data collected from all four of Uganda’s regions while considering intervention (communities …

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Improved Food Crop Marketing through Appropriate Transport for Poor Farmers in Uganda

In order to achieve the project purpose “Strategies developed and promoted, which improve food security of poor households through increased availability and improved quality of food and better access to markets” the following outputs have been produced: • Capacity for Transport Forum Group offices to manage and backstop rural transport …

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Incidence, abundance and damage by the sweet potato butterfly (Acraea acerata Hew. and the African sweet potato weevils (Cylas spp.) across an altitude gradient in Kabale district, Uganda

It is increasingly becoming important to understand relationships between temperature (manifested at different altitude levels) and sweet potato insect pest characteristics in light of temperature changes as a result of global warming. Field surveys were conducted in Kabale district of Uganda along an altitude gradient to study the effects of …

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Assessment of the status of Plant Genetic Resources in Kabale Highlands, Uganda; A case of cultivated crop species

There was lack of adequate knowledge and information on the status and risks posed to Plant genetic resources in Kabale highlands especially with cultivated crop species. Therefore, this study was to document genetic diversity and study genetic erosion in cultivated crop species so as to develop effective strategies for conservation …

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Sweetpotato Postharvest Systems in Uganda: Strategies, Constraints and Potentials

Sweetpotato is often either a major food staple or complementary staple in Ugandan food systems. It also serves as a famine reserve crop and increasingly as an important source of case income. Nevertheless, sweetpotato has only recently begun to attract the attention of researchers and policy markers with much of …

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Farmers’ Perception of and Coping Strategies to Climate Change: Evidence From Six Agro-Ecological Zones of Uganda

In Uganda, weather-related events such as prolonged dry seasons, floods, storms, mudslides, extreme rainfall, and delayed/early rains have become more frequent and/or intense. This has left most of the rural poor farmers’ food insecure and their livelihoods threatened. A total of 192 sweetpotato farmer households distributed in six agro-ecological zones …

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Are millipedes a pest in low-input crop production in north-eastern Uganda? Farmers' perception and experimentation

Farmers’ perception was collected and experiments were done, through a series of research work between 2000 to 2003 in north-eastern Uganda. This research work included: (i) Field survey on farmers’ knowledge on sweet potato production and perception of millipede infestation; (ii) Field assessment of pests in sweet potato and other …

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