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Biofortification, Crop Adoption, and Health Information: Impact Pathways in Mozambique and Uganda

Biofortification, breeding staple food crops to be dense sources of essential micronutrients, is fast emerging as a strategy to fight micronutrient malnutrition. Large-scale biofortification investments are being made in several developing countries, but until recently little rigorous evidence about the impact of these investments has been available. In this paper, …

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This manual has been developed for the extension workers that will be involved in training nutrition promoters in various aspects of nutrition, child feeding and nutrition care for the sick child. It is a guide that takes the trainer through the different aspects with suggestions of training methods and activities …

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Assuring availability of sweetpotato planting material: scaling out “Triple S” in northern Uganda

Under the five-year HarvestPlus led project ‘Developing and Delivering Biofortified Crops in Uganda’, CIP scientists are leading the component to adapt and refine the technology to local conditions and test a strategy to promote the use of the Triple S at scale. The aim is to reach 30% of the …

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Presentation: Orange sweet potato feeding the future

HarvestPlus Uganda has a challenge to harmonize the M&E systems of the three main partners:  USAID, HarvestPlus Global and Feed the Future. Ignatius Abaijuka explained how HarvestPlus Uganda has developed its M&E system to ensure generation of high quality M&E data for decision making. He outlined the core components of …

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Presentation: Performance of the OFSP chain in Mukono District, Uganda

Sweetpotato (Ipomeabatatas. (L.) Lam.) is a versatile nutritious crop widely grown by smallholder farmers in Uganda. The Orange-fleshed varieties (OFSP) are an important cheap source of beta carotene, a Vitamin A precursor which can combat Vitamin A Deficiency. A number of initiatives have thus been made to popularize its production …

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Poster: Triple S method: assuring availability of sweetpotato planting material in Northern Uganda

The lack of sweetpotato planting material at the on set of rains greatly compromises early plantings potential food security strategy. This poster presents a study on ‘Triple S’ method in assuring availability of sweetpotato planting material in Northern Uganda. The “3S” seed system approach is simple to use, saves labor …

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Poster: Performance of the orange fleshed fleshed sweetpotato chain in Mukono district, Uganda

Sweetpotato (Ipomea batatas, (L) Lam) is a versatile crop grown for food and income in East and Central Africa. The beta-carotene rich orange fleshed varieties are known to combat vitamin A deficiency. This flyer provides an overview of OFSP performance dynamics in Uganda. Uncoordinated activities and limited trust were major …

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