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Presentation: Meeting planting material requirements of smallholders through commercializing the informal seed system

This presentation outlines commercialization of informal seed systems to aid small holders to meet planting material requirements. This idea originates from challenges posed by prolonged dry seasons, such as decline in planting materials that can be conserved through irrigation. It concludes with emphasis that informal systems can as well conserve …

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Sweetpotato in the Farming and Food Systems of Uganda: A Farm Survey Report

Uganda is the largest producer of sweetpotato in Africa. Sweetpotato is an important crop that fits well in the country’s farming and food systems. In cultivated area, sweetpotato ranks third after bananas and cassava. It stores well in the soil as a famine reserve crop, withstands extreme weather conditions, and …

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SPHI Brief 2012: DONATA Enhanced uptake and adoption of Orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) technologies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

This brief gives an overview of DONATA project carried out in Eastern and Central Africa to contribute in livelihood improvement as well as increase economic growth within resource poor farmers. DONATA operates via a multi-stakeholders platform, with sole goal to strengthen food security and nutrition, increase income and employment opportunities. This …

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Sweetpotato Seed Systems in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda

Surveys were made of the seed systems used in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda and to investigate the reasons underlying them. Along the equator in Uganda, where rainy seasons are evenly spaced and occur twice a year, vine cuttings from mature plants only are used as planting material. Where there is …

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HarvestPlus Reaching End Users – OSP Uganda Project: Promoting Production, Consumption, and Marketing of the Orange Sweet Potato Trainer’s guide

Reaching End Users training guide

This training guide has been developed as a result of the need to promote adequate and effective acceptance, production, and consumption of vitamin A rich (orange) sweet potato in Uganda in order to address the widespread problem of Vitamin A deficiency (VAD). VAD largely affects children under the age of …

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Training Manual on Marketing and Product Development for Extension Workers

Marketing is not about selling only, it involves various issues. If someone is going to market his product, planning begins before production. It involves determining what the customer wants and developing that product as well as delivering it to a place where the customer will reach or see in order …

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The Vitamin A Sweet Potato Project is a research project that will mainly be involved in the dissemination of the vitamin A- rich orange fleshed sweet potato to farm households through extension systems of NGOs. Activities will mainly involve engaging farmers in the production of the potatoes and working with …

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