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The Use of OFSP to Combat Vitamin A Deficiency in Uganda

The HarvestPlus Initiative undertook a number of studies to document the situation of sweetpotato in Uganda with a focus on OFSP. These studies examined producer and consumer preferences, extension strategies and post harvest utilization. Surveys were conducted and data collected from all four of Uganda’s regions while considering intervention (communities …

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Trader and consumer criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties

This section gives descriptions of methods by which the Tanzania breeding programme obtained necessary information to decide main selection criteria for new cultivars and also reports on main study findings. As a conclusion, limited information exists in Tanzania on the preferences of consumers and traders. However, the methods described here …

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Evaluation of newly introduced sweetpotato germplasm under Egyptian conditions

Fourteen cultivars/clones of sweetpotato were delivered to AGERI from International Potato Center (CIP) Nairobi in 2002 as cuttings. They were propagated in vitro for massive micro-propagation. Different media compositions and incubation conditions were examined to determine the optimal conditions for each cultivar. In vitro plants were acclimatized under an insect–proof greenhouse …

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