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Triple S Videos

Video 1: General video explaining Triple S for decision makers  Farmers often obtain sweetpotato planting material from roots which have been overlooked during harvest and sprout when it rains. However, the roots sprout only when it rains and planting material only becomes available some weeks afterward. The roots may sprout in distant …

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Video: Some Koussao – INERA

Some Koussao, a Sweetpotato breeder from Burkina Faso working at INERA, explains the importance of seed systems and pre-basic seeds. He talks about promising marketing strategies for orange-fleshed Sweetpotato existent in other countries and the intention to implement these strategies in Burkina Faso. He also talks about the challenge posed …

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Video: Marian Quain – Crops Research Institute

Marian Quain from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – The Crops Research Institute and the Principal Investigator for the SASHA pre-basic seed program explains why production of pre-basic seed is important and its subsequent impact on yields. She also talks about the advantage of Sweetpotato over other root …

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Video: David Talengera – Biocrops, Uganda

David Talengera from Biocrops, Uganda, explains why they are producing pre-basic Sweetpotato seed and how the institution tries to make this production a sustainable business. He talks about the endeavor to keep good Sweetpotato varieties available and his responsibility to contribute to the agricultural development of his country. He also …

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