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Economic impact of virus free sweetpotato planting material in Shandong privince China

In many developing countries, yields of root and tuber crops are significantly reduced due to diseases and pests in the planting material. In sweetpotato, the sources of planting material, which are either vine cuttings or roots,  are equivalent to clonal seed for vegetative propagation.The development and transfer of new methods …

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Utility of thermotherapy and meristem tip for freeing sweetpotato from viral infection

Sweetpotato, (Ipomoea batatas L.), is vegetatively propagated crop. Due to the following cycles of propagation, viruses are accumulated, which contributes to the decline of sweetpotato yield and quality. Stem cuttings of Abees cultivar were collected from several locations in Egypt and kept under controlled greenhouse conditions. Samples were tested for …

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