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Women are central to agriculture and make a strong contribution to food security and nutrition at both the household and community levels. In many developing countries, they make up almost half of the agricultural labor force, but their production is limited by barriers to finance, inputs, and extension services, as …

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Presentation 13: Tools for Monitoring Dietary Diversity & Frequency of Vitamin A intake

The FAO have a standard list of questions with the main food groups. These are a minimum requirement, but they can be extended. The objectives of the presentation were to (i) Review the different Dietary Diversity indicator measures; (ii) Present a simple tool for collecting food groups consumed in the …
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Moving Forward On Choosing a Standard Operational Indicator of Women's Dietary Diversity

Monotonous diets fail to meet human micronutrients’ needs. Consequently, dietary diversity is crucial for vulnerable groups, in particular for women of reproductive age (WRA). Could the dietary diversity be measured and used as a simple population-level proxy indicator collected via large-scale surveys to reflect the micronutrient adequacy of WRA’s diets? …
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