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SPHI Steering Committee

Terms of Reference

The SPHI activities are governed by a Steering Committee, which has the following Terms of Reference: 

  • Strategic Guidance on progress toward target, based on the annual report on Status of Sweetpotato in SSA
  • High level advocacy and resource mobilization for SPHI agenda
  • Review of and guidance of functioning of Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  • Review and guidance on impact of regional technical backstopping.
  • Support the broadening of SPHI membership. 


As illustrated by the members’ code outlined below, the SPHI Steering Committee is committed to partnership for collective impact. Each member:


  • Is committed to the SPHI vision of reaching at least 10 million African households by 2020, with knowledge, improved varieties and diversified use of sweetpotato, for improved incomes and health.
  • Will demonstrate commitment of human and financial resources to sweetpotato-related activities. 
  • Will regularly share knowledge gained through its activities and interactions on the Sweetpotato Knowledge Portal
  • Will share information about SPHI activities with its networks and so contribute to building the network of actors working on sweetpotato in Africa
  • Will share progress on the reach and impact of its sweetpotato-related activities on a regular basis
  • Will participate actively in annual meetings of the SPHI, covering its own attendance costs
  • Will participate in relevant CoPs and contribute to the growth and development of these communities


The committee is co-led by CIP, represented by Jan Low and Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), represented by Yemi Akinbamijo. The following table provides details of the members of the SPHI Steering Committee.


Members of the SPHI Steering Committee




Adiel Mbabu, Regional Director – SSA


Anna-Marie Ball, Strategic Alliances for Africa

Farm Concern     

Antony Masinde Kilwaki, Senior Programme Manager

Helen Keller International (HKI)

Mette Kjaer Kinoti, Vice President for Africa


Allison Bingham, Program Advisor

Natural Resources Institute

Andrew Westby, Director

Roots, Tubers & Bananas

Dagmar Wittine, Program Manager

North Carolina State University     

Craig Yencho, Leader of Sweetpotato & Potato Breeding





Jim Lorenzen


Katherine Dennison


Mark Davies

Irish Aid


Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa