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Triple S Videos

Video 1: General video explaining Triple S for decision makers 

Farmers often obtain sweetpotato planting material from roots which have been overlooked during harvest and sprout when it rains. However, the roots sprout only when it rains and planting material only becomes available some weeks afterward. The roots may sprout in distant fields, unprotected from grazing animals and thieves. To solve these problems, researchers and farmers have developed a system of conserving planting material whereby storage roots are stored in the sand and then planted out and watered before the arrival of the rains. The Triple S System – storage, sand, sprouting makes the roots sprout and produce large amounts of planting material in time for the arrival of the rains. Watch Video Video 1



Video 2: Triple S training video for Ethiopia (English)

A step by step guide on how to set up you Triple S System. 

Watch Video Video 2





Video 3: Triple S training video for Ethiopia (Amharic) forthcoming