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992 total members
Profession Evaluation
Organization Monitoring and Evaluation Intitute
Nationality NG
Areas of expertise 330
Profession Agronomist
Organization McCain Foods SA
Nationality ZW
Areas of expertise 323
Profession Public Health
Organization PATH
Nationality US
Profession Agricultural economics
Organization IER (Institut d' Economie Rurale)
Nationality ML
Profession Graduate
Organization University of Rwanda - CAVM
Nationality RW
Profession Social economist
Organization Sugarcane research institute
Nationality TZ
Areas of expertise 323
Profession sweetpotato Agronomist
Organization private expert and grower
Nationality IL
Profession Consulting & Research
Organization Freelance
Nationality PT
Areas of expertise 325
Profession Journalist
Organization Netmidas
Nationality CO
Profession students
Organization mahasiswa
Nationality ID
Profession Grower and Importer of fruits and vegetables
Organization Don limon GmbH Hamburg Germany
Nationality DE
Areas of expertise 323
Profession seo
Organization International Potato Center (CIP)
Nationality Select one...
Profession Director
Organization Saronga server foods
Nationality TZ
Profession Agronomy
Organization Netmidas
Nationality CO
Profession Economist
Organization PRDF
Nationality IN
Nationality KE
Profession scientist
Organization KALRO
Nationality KE
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Scientist
Organization HarvestPlus
Nationality CA
Profession Farmer
Organization Maguta Hills
Nationality ZW
992 total members