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932 total members
Profession Lawyer/ farmer
Organization Private
Nationality ZA
Profession Development worker
Organization Healthy Living and Women Empowerment Initiative
Nationality NG
Areas of expertise 320
Profession Plant breedingPotato breeder
Organization Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR),
Nationality ET
Profession Comptability
Organization Association Haitian of Solidarity (ASHAS)
Nationality HT
Profession student
Organization university
Nationality UG
Profession Agronomy Monitoring and Evaluation
Organization CIP
Nationality MZ
Profession Start Up Farmer
Organization Private, EAA-Kaprikorn Ltd
Nationality GH
Profession Food Scientist and technologist
Organization Technoseve
Nationality TZ
Profession crop scientist
Organization University
Nationality NG
Profession Agronomist
Organization International Potato Center
Nationality MZ
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Researcher - Remote Sensing & GIS
Organization CIP - Nairobi
Nationality KE
Profession Agricultural Economist
Organization CIP
Nationality MW
Areas of expertise 323
Profession Lab Analyst
Organization KEPHIS
Nationality KE
Profession Lab Technician
Organization KEPHIS
Nationality KE
Profession Principal
Organization Elite Nursery School
Nationality ZW
932 total members