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932 total members
Profession Agricultural Engineer
Organization Peace Corps
Nationality GN
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Lecturer and researcher
Organization Catholic University of Graben
Nationality CD
Profession Agronomist
Organization International Potato Center
Nationality MW
Profession .
Organization .
Nationality CO
Profession food technologist
Organization rasab and sons agric and farm products
Nationality NG
Profession Agronomist
Organization Agriculture Research Institute (ARI) Tumbi,Tabora, Tanzania (w)
Nationality TZ
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Student
Organization Oregon State University
Nationality US
Profession PhD Student
Organization Cornell University
Nationality US
Profession MSc. Student
Organization Centre for sustainable development university of Ibadan
Nationality NG
Profession farmer
Organization kfarms
Nationality NG
Areas of expertise 323
Profession Professor and rearcher
Organization Hawassa University
Nationality ET
Profession PhD student (Development Economics)
Organization Wageningen University
Nationality KE
Areas of expertise 330
Profession Data Management Officer
Organization NASFAM
Nationality MW
Profession Teaching
Organization Chief Alhassan menorial school
Nationality GH
Profession Research Chemist
Organization Logos International Resources Limited
Nationality NG
Profession Researcher
Organization Department of Agricultural Research Services
Nationality MW
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Project Officer
Organization Farming Systems kenya
Nationality KE
932 total members