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903 total members
Profession Science Communication Specialist
Organization International Potato Center
Nationality PH
Profession Teaching Assistant
Organization Department of Food Science and Technology, KNUST.
Nationality GH
Profession Technical Manager
Organization Options Consultancies
Nationality MW
Areas of expertise 328
Profession ICT Technician
Organization Nanga Enterprises
Nationality MW
Profession Research Scientist
Organization Rwanda Agriculture Board
Nationality RW
Areas of expertise 325
Profession Agribusiness and innovation consulting
Organization NetBizImpact
Nationality ET
Areas of expertise 323
Profession Bsc.Estate management
Organization Non
Nationality MW
Profession Management
Organization Management
Nationality GB
Profession Agronomy Student
Organization TEC or ITCR, Costa Rica Institute of Technology
Nationality CR
Profession Biotechnology
Organization CIP
Nationality BE
Areas of expertise 316
Profession PosPostdoctoral Research Scholar
Organization North Carolina State University
Nationality BR
Organization NARI
Nationality TZ
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Agricultural Research
Organization International Potato Center
Nationality GB
Profession Nutritionist
Organization International Potato Center
Nationality SL
Profession Research Scientist
Organization Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Crops Research Institute
Nationality GH
Areas of expertise 317
Profession M&E
Organization CIP Rwanda
Nationality RW
Profession Senior Lecturer and Researcher
Organization University of Dschang
Nationality CM
Profession Agronomic Ingineer
Organization Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)
Nationality AR
Profession Plant Breeder
Organization Zambia Agriculture Research Institute
Nationality ZM
Areas of expertise 318
903 total members