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932 total members
Profession Agricultur
Organization More Access Group Activities London International (MAGALI)
Nationality UG
Profession grower
Organization China company
Nationality CN
Profession Software Developer
Organization Badili Innovations
Nationality KE
Profession Research fellow
Organization SPIA
Nationality CN
Organization NARC
Nationality PK
Areas of expertise 318
Profession vegetable
Organization Doa
Nationality TH
Profession Agricultural enigeer
Organization IDrone services
Nationality ZM
Profession Agricultural Economist
Organization CIP
Nationality ZW
Areas of expertise 321
Profession Project Manager
Organization CIP SUSTAIN project
Nationality MW
Profession Research technician
Organization Agricultural Research Council
Nationality ZA
Areas of expertise 318
Profession Agribusiness
Organization Crop Bioscience Solutions Ltd
Nationality TZ
Areas of expertise 323
Profession Lecturer- Management
Organization Freelance
Nationality KE
Areas of expertise 326
Profession Lecturer
Organization Karatina University
Nationality KE
Areas of expertise 316
Profession Entreprenuer
Organization Twin Eagle Investment Limited
Nationality KE
Profession Senior Programmes Manager
Organization Farm Concern International
Nationality TZ
Profession Researcher
Organization South Agricultural Research Institute
Nationality ET
932 total members